Dr. Jon Lien Whale Pavilion

5 Reasons to Visit the Dr. Jon Lien Whale Pavilion

July 24, 2020


Calling all animal lovers, science buffs, and ocean fanatics alike!

Are you looking for a fun place to learn about our oceans, whales, and all the fun facts in between?. If so, The Dr. Jon Lien Whale Pavilion in King’s Point, Newfoundland is just the place for you.

This quaint little museum is located just 12 KM of of the TCH on route 391.

It hosts a giant reconstructed skeleton of one of the worlds most favourite sea dwelling mammals – The beautiful and majestic humpback whale.

With an admission of just $5.00, you really can’t go wrong!

Perfect for all kinds of travellers, you’ll certainly be happy you chose to swing by this little wonder on your adventure in Central Newfoundland.

Still not convinced?

Here are 5 reasons you should visit the Dr. Jon Lien Whale Pavilion!

1. It’s the largest reconstructed humpback skeleton in the world.

You heard right! This whale is a doozey coming in at a whopping 50 feet from head to tail. It is the world’s largest reconstructed humpback whale skeleton on display in the entire world. Time to scratch that one off of your bucket list!

Dr. Jon Lien Whale Pavilion
Dr. Jon Lien Whale Pavilion

2. You might see some real whale action during your visit!

King’s Point is known for its whales and is a part of “The Great Whale Coast”.

Located directly on the Kings Point waterfront, complete with huge viewing windows and numerous seating areas, the chances of spotting a whale in the bay is quite high.

People come from all over just to marvel at the whales in this bay. Why not do it from the Dr. Jon Lien Whale Pavilion and make it an experience to remember?

3. You’ll learn all about the process, story, and community effort

The whale is pretty cool on its own. But how on earth did this project begin and who the world could do such a thing?

This is amongst the cool facts that you’ll learn during your visit to the Dr. Jon Lien Whale Pavilion.

After your informative tour around the building, there is a short film presented that tells entire story from start to finish, including how local community members came together to make this $1,000,000 project a success!

Wonderful staff at the Whale Pavilion
Wonderful staff at the Whale Pavilion

4. Located just 12 KM off of the TCH

Just as I’ve mentioned before, this super unique little museum is located just 12km off of the TCH.

That makes it an ideal side trip no matter where you’re headed in Newfoundland.

Not only is it conveniently located, the town of Kings Point has so much more to offer than just this spectacular whale!

A world class pottery/ craft shop, 4 star dining and lodging, and multiple pristine hiking trails make this town a must-see!

5. You’ll have all the bragging rights

There’s only one whale on display of this magnitude in the entire world and its right here at the Dr. Jon Lien Whale Pavilion.

How cool to have this experience in your back pocket! It makes for an excellent bucket list bragging right and will stay in your memory for years to come.

Grab a snack from one of the delicious take-outs, swing by the whale pavilion, and keep your eyes peeled on the ocean – who knows what else you’ll be bragging about before you depart.


What a cool spot! I hope you enjoyed this simple list.

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