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7 Badass Shamanic Herbs to Help You Heal, Awaken, and Expand!

March 15, 2020


Shamanic tribes and ancient peoples all around the world have been using sacred shrubs and herbs for thousands of years.

Psychotropic plants have played a vital role in many societies throughout the planet, some have even been worshipped and used as currency like the way the ancient Mayans used Cacao (chocolate).

Some have used these precious plants to restore equilibrium in the body, mind, and soul, while others have been known to use them for divination, ceremonies, and exploration of the divine.

There are hundreds and hundreds of these esoteric tools that are celebrated and utilized around the planet.

They can help with many different modern ailments and create a more full, intimate relationship with our planet, and ultimately ourselves.

Today, we’ll explore a short summary of some of my absolute favorite herbs that you can add to your repertoire of badassery.

Disclaimer: This information is for entertainment purposes only. I am in no way a medical professional, nor am I a trained herbalist or natural therapist. I can only speak from personal experience and research on these fun topics. Please consult your doctor before using any of these plants or substances. Some shamanic herbs are in a grey area of the law. Be sure to check your local laws and regulations before attaining any shamanic herb or plant.

1. Passionflower (Passiflora incarnate)

One of over 500 varieties, the beautiful and delicate Passiflora Incarnate has exploded in popularity in recent years. Touted for its impeccable anxiety-relieving qualities, it is revered amongst health nuts and hippies around the world. Brew it in a tea, use it in herbal smoking mixtures, or take it as a tincture!

Common Uses Include:

  • Anxiety Relief
  • Stomach Ache
  • Sleep Aid

2. Dream Herb (Calea Zacatechichi)

Known as the gateway to the Aztek dream realm, this herb packs a powerful capability to lull the user into the depths of lucid dreaming. Used for hundreds of years by pre-Columbian peoples of central America, Its shamanic dream capabilities have now been proven by scientists. Chew the leaves, smoke them, or brew them into a tea.

Common Uses Include:

  • Induce more Intense Dreams
  • Remember Dreams Easier
  • Lucid Dream
  • General Tonic

3.Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus Laevis)

Shamans known as “curanderos” have revered chuchuhuasi, a bark from an Amazonian tree, for hundreds and hundreds of years. Used on its own or as an adjunct to psychedelic brew ayahuasca, it has many useful benefits. Known to alleviate arthritis, rheumatism, fatigue, it even has powerful aphrodisiac qualities. Some tribes make an extract with sugar cane alcohol and use it as a general tonic, to increase energy, stamina, and well-being.

Common Uses Include:

  • Arthritis/Rheumatism Relief
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Aphrodisiac
  • General Tonic

4. Syrian Rue (Peganum Harmala)

The seeds of this Mediterranean plant has gained popularity lately as a substitution in the preparation of psychedelic brews, such as ayahuasca. The seeds contain similar alkaloids and effectively replace the use of the Amazonian vine. Cultures throughout the Middle East all the way up to Mongolia have used this pant ceremoniously. The smoke is often used to remove “The Evil Eye” and in rituals of divination

Common Uses Include:

  • MAO Inhibitor
  • Incense for ceremony
  • Sedative

5. Mapacho (Tobacco)

Another plant indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest, this species of tobacco is a powerful nightshade and is used extensively in shamanic traditions of South America. You can find it utilized extensively in many cultures. Smoked for protection, drank as a purgative insufflated as snuff, or used a smudge to remove and protect from negative energies, Mapacho makes for a great addition to any spiritual altar or tool belt. Use it for protection, as a smudging tool, or as an offering to the great spirit.

Common Uses Include:

  • Protection
  • Cleansing
  • Grounding/Centering
  • Offerings
  • Purgative

6. Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum)

Used for over 4000 years by monks, sages, seers, and healers in Asia, it is one of the most commonly incorporated herbs in Chinese medicine. So much revered, that emperor Shennong of China declared it the most important elixir for life because of its ability to cure disease, fight aging, and general malaise. The “mushroom of immortality” is a must-have to wellness junkies, spiritual enthusiasts, and human optimizationists.

Common Uses Include:

  • Immune Support
  • Improves Sleep
  • Reduces Stress
  • Adaptogenic
  • Reduces High Blood Pressure

7. Bobinsana (Calliandra Angustifolia)

This mysterious and magical flower found in the Amazonian Basin is a beautiful and divine heart opening medicine. It is a master plant in some shamanic ayahuasca traditions and is often used as a stimulant and addition to ayahuasca brews and other tonics. It has reached almost cult-like status in plant medicine circles for its ability to open heart, inspire creativity, and imbue the user with a sense of love and belonging. People use this plant in sacred ceremonies and personal practices to remove anger issues, release trauma, and restore balance.  Pregnant women or those planning to conceive should note that this plant is also used as a contraceptive; do not use if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant as a general rule.

Common Uses Include:

  • Adjunct to Ayahuasca Brew
  • Stimulant
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Love inducing tonic
  • Contraceptive

Well, there ya have it! A simple and brief overview of some of my absolutely FAVOURITE shamanic herbs and plants and a tidbit on their history. Since diving into the infinite well of esoteric traditions and belief systems around the world, I continuously surprise myself with how many magical plants and modalities there are in the world.

You don’t have to be some “enlightened” spiritual fanatic to utilize these ancient herbs and practices. Mother nature provides for us all, sometimes in the most magical kinds of ways!

These plants exist for the betterment of humankind and the exploration of our souls and divinity.

I really hoped you enjoyed this short listicle of my some of my favorite shamanic herbs!

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