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Explore esoteric destinations and appease your inner wanderlust with my unique travel guides, itineraries, and soulful overviews of enchanting locales around the globe. Sprinkled with a dash of spirituality, Bohemian Brandon is the conscious backpacker’s source for quality information on travel, bohemian lifestyle, plant medicines and well-being.

Brandon has ventured multiple times into the wondrous unknown while backpacking through his favorite country – Peru. Along his journey he has amassed priceless and valuable information about budget travel, shamanism, spirituality, and well-being. Following his unquenchable urge to share these passions with the world, he created a website devoted to helping others travel to enlightening destinations, improve their existence, and RADIATE HAPPINESS!

Brandon has spent his childhood days dreaming of exotic locales, faraway paradises, and esoteric cultures. He would always crave to learn more about the lesser explored topics: Spirituality, shamanism, botany, zoology, archaeology, and all the other enticing mysteries that could feed his curious brain.

As he got older he began to implement more and more of the things he discovered into his life.
He started meditating, eating vegetarian, exploring shamanism, utilizing plant medicines, and keeping exotic animals as pets. He learned SO MUCH in those years about our planet, other cultures, and his soul that he just could not sit idle anymore.

He just HAD to get out and see the world for himself. Books just wouldn’t cut it anymore.

That’s when he made the decision to travel and adventure into the unknown. He was going to do what it took to get out in the big beautiful world and make his mark.

And that’s when life started to get real yummy for him…

A small town boy from the coast of Newfoundland decided to appease his adventurous spirit, tame the longing in his soul, and break free from the shackles that chained him for so long. He researched budget travel, chose his dream destination, decided to take the volunteer route, created a plan, and made it happen!

What an adventure it was…

He traveled thousands of miles from his home in Canada to volunteer at a school in Peru. He knew barely a crumb of Spanish, never traveled before, and he did all alone.

He met some of the most amazing, inspiring people in South America from all over the world.
Drank indigenous medicines with shamans in the Amazon jungle and discovered his truest self.
Rode a horse over the Andes to visit ancient Inca ruins.
He took bus rides on teetering mountainous edges, traversed evergreen cloud forests, and bathed in pristine waterfalls.

And that was just the beginning…

He accomplished and grew SO MUCH on that journey that upon returning home he just longed to do it all over again.. and that’s EXACTLY what he did.

He planned and planned, and worked super hard at achieving his dream, not once BUT THREE TIMES!

He returned to Peru three years later and did it all over again with much more intensity and vision and now he’s making it his passion to share what he’s learned with the world and help you do the same!

Hi, I’m Brandon.

Bohemian Brandon

Bohemian Brandon

I strive to deliver quality content to help you improve your life and achieve your dreams

Maybe you’re like me and are itching to get out there and see the world? Perhaps you’re aiming to explore your soul and the inner psyche? Is there some passion deep inside of you that’s just screaming to get out and come into reality?

If that’s you, then I promise I’ll do whatever I can to help you get there!

Be it planning that exotic journey, discovering your true self, experiencing the plant kingdom, and making your dreams come true, don’t worry – Bohemian Brandon’s got you covered.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, explore your soul, and tumble down the rabbit hole, Bohemian Brandon’s got you covered.

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