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Sprinkled with a dash of spirituality, Bohemian Brandon is the conscious travellers source for quality information on travel, alternative lifestyle, adventure, and his beautiful and unique homeland – Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.

Brandon first discovered his passion for travel during a volunteer trip abroad in 2014.

Equipped with nothing but a backpack, a few travel guides, and an adveturous thirst dying to be quenched, he set out for South America.

One step off the plane was all it took to set his soul on fire.

Fast forward to the present, Brandon has ventured back to Peru four times and has spent an accumulated time of over 7 months in that country.

He now resides in Kings Point, Newfoundland where he continues to satisfy his love for travel through his studies. Currently enrolled in a Travel and Hospitality program, he hopes to create a career doing the thing he loves most!

Not only did Brandon find his number one passion in Travel and adventure. It also saved his life.

After years caught in the grasp of a heavy cocaine and alcohol addiction, he found his path to recovery during his trips down to South America.

After exploring many western modalities, rehabs, interventions, and medications, he embraced the healing techniques of the indigenous peoples in the Amazon jungle and Andes mountains

He now accounts travel and spirituality for saving him from a dark path of addiction and turmoil.

Hey, I’m Brandon

Hey I'm Brandon

I am adventure addict, yogi, student, and overall lover of life.

When I’m not enthralled in my studies, practicing and teaching yoga, or crafting content, I’m finding new and creative ways to express my love for travel.

This year I’ve decided to check out my own back yard – Newfoundland & Labrador.


Kings Point Pottery, Kings Point, NL

There’s so much of my province that I have never seen. Usually when I travel typically end up in South America in search of spirituality and nature, overlooking my beautiful home – Newfoundland and Labrador. 

This year I’m hitting the road and seeking out all that my wonderful homeland has to offer. I’ll be visiting all the a-list locations, focusing on unique offerings, natural wonders, and all the spiritual people, places, and things that I can find. 

Join me on the Journey!

I’ll be sending out all the details on my trip around my province, behind the scenes looks at each of the exciting destinations that I visit, travel advice, special offers, and so much more!

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Here’s my most recent part of the adventure: