Easy AF Smudging Guide

Easy AF Smudging Guide: The How-To For Beginners

July 17, 2020


Today we’re gonna learn the sacred art of smudging!

We’ve heard the whispers in the wind. Spirituality is in!

We all have that one friend who rants and raves about the benefits of smudging – the act of burning sacred herbs to purify and cleanse a person or a place.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this ancient tried and true practice is something you should consider, even if you’re not some OMing hippy or spiritual guru.

Smudging comes in many different forms from many different cultures.

In North America, it originated with indigenous groups who would harvest and burn sage and tobacco in order to purify a space.

In India, for thousands of years smoke has been used to create a sense of sacredness in temples and monasteries.

Fast forward to the present moment and smudging is just as relevant as ever!

Smudging is used to cleanse an area of a negative energy. Bad vibes. Poor Mojo, you know, all that voodoo stuff.

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I’m sure you’ve had experiences where you’ve walked in a room and could just sense the tension in the air! Or sometimes you get that vibe after an argument with someone or when something tragic happens.

This is where smudging comes in handy. You see, from a spiritual perspective, the world is more than just what meets the eye. There are realms beyond our normal senses that consist of energy, vibrations, and ether.

This is how you can sense bad energy in a space, just by being present.

Smudging removes bad energy by carrying prayers and intentions to the unseen realms. It allows you to actively change the energetic vibration of a person, place, or thing.

Today Imma teach you exactly how to do this, and I promise to make it simple. This post is a part of my EASY AF series which I release every Friday. It’s my mission to demystify spirituality and make it EASY AF for each and all, so be sure to check back every Friday for more EASY AF guides on spirituality, meditation, plant medicines, and other esoteric goodies!

Okay so smudging. Let’s dig in shall we?

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Easy AF Smudging Guide

What are the benefits of smudging?

I won’t bore you with all the hippy jargon, but definitely want to lay out some key benefits of this practice.

  • On a practical note, studies have shown that smudging with sage can actually remove airborne bacteria from the air (Source)
  • Allows you drop into the present moment more readily by focusing your sense of smell
  • Can change an emotional state by centering and calming your energy
  • Removes dark entities and vibrations from a person or place
  • Works to help you manifest your dreams and desires

When is the best time to smudge?

There is no exact perfect time to partake in the art of smudging, each situation will depend on the person and their intention and circumstance.

Usually the ideal time, however, is when there is dense negative energies surrounding you or your space. Let’s list some of examples of prime times to whip out your smudge kit:

  • When moving into a new house/apartment
  • After an argument
  • Before or after receiving visitors (especially negative ones)
  • During and after a bout of sickness
  • Before a personal project
  • After stressful situations
  • When anxious or depressed
  • Before a meditation or other spiritual practice

Of course this is just a general overview. You can smudge whenever you feel like it, and I encourage you to follow your intuition. Your higher self always knows best and will usually beckon you to take action when the time is right.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

How to build your very own smudging kit

First off, you’re gonna need to pick up some essentials. You’ll need:

  • Smudge stick. Usually white sage, or a white sage combination bundle
  • Any other sacred smokes; resins, incense, herbs, etc.
  • Abalone shell or other fireproof vessel to hold your smudge
  • A feather to waft the smoke in desired direction
  • A Candle – used to relight the smudge stick
  • Or make things easier and buy a preassembled smudge kit delivered right to you door:

How to Smudge A House Space

To start, you’ll want to gather all of your supplies. Light your candle and have it in a handy place to relight the smudge stick if need be.

You’ll take the smudge stick with your abalone shell and feather and head to the front door of your house. This is where we will begin our smudging journey.

Set an intention

After you arrive, you’ll want to set an intention. Usually this is as simple as beckoning negative energy to leave your house.

Begin to waft the smoke from the stick using the feather. Make sure you direct the smoke toward the walls and the nooks and crannies (especially the corners of the area).

Visualize the smoke carrying your intention and forcing negative vibes to be-gone and out of your house or whichever space you’re smudging

Move throughout the space

Continue this process as you move clockwise throughout your space, making sure to send the smoke in all the corners and crannies, just as you started. (relighting the stick several times is completely normal, hence our candle!)

Once you have completed this process throughout the entire space, lay your smudge stick in your shell and onto a fireproof surface (such as a ceramic plate) and allow the stick to burn out completely.

You did it!

and thats it! Congratulations. You’ve just removed a bunch of toxic physic gunk from your home.

How to smudge a human

Smudging a human carries all the same benefits as smudging a space, and then some! Usually this will mean a smudge of yourself, but can be useful to help clear a friends energy as well. I like to do this before meditation, yoga, or when I’m nervous/anxious about something.

Begin at the feet

You’ll want to start the smudging process at the feet. Remember to set an intention just as we did when we cleansed our space, and make sure to get smoke over the entire area, including the bottoms of the feet.

Work your way up the body, around the legs, front and back, winding all the way up the legs onto the torso. Make sure to get under the arm pits, under the chin, and on the top of the head as well.

Another way to do this is to light the smudge really well and lay it in your shell. Stand over the smoke and use your feather or hands to make sure it gets where it needs to go.


That’s it! You’ve just smudged yourself (or someone else) and are relieved of unnecessary bad juju. You go glen coco.

Some extra tips/precautions

  • Sage and other smudge materials have a strong smell and can be irritating to those who have sensitivities to scents.
  • On your search for smudge you may come across Palo Santo, a sacred wood from South America. This tree is critically endangered and should be avoided in order to protect this beautiful plant. If you do decide to purchase it, always source from a responsible and eco conscious provider.
  • Be wary of people you let handle your sacred items, including your smudge kit. This will ensure that no ones unwanted vibes gets attached to your sacred objects and tools

There ya have it, folks!

That’s all she wrote. She being me. Me being Brandon.

My EASY AF guide to smudging. I hope this helped demystify the art of smudging for you. This practice has helped me IMMENSELY and has become a beacon of wellness in my day to day life.

Whenever I’m feeling some weird vibes, especially anxiety and nervousness I always turn to my smudge kit for alleviation. I’ve used it to treat reoccurring nightmares, depression, and include it in my meditation practice.

I’d love to hear from you. Are you smudger? Are you going to incorporate it into your practice? Let me know in the comments below!

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